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Month Alzheimer Awareness Month; National ; Alzheimer Society
Month Crime Stoppers Month; Ontario ; Crime Stoppers
Month Ontario March of Dimes Month; Ontario; Ontario March of Dimes
4 World Braille Day; International; World Blind Union
3rd Wk National Non-Smoking Week; National; Canadian Council on Smoking and Health
3rd Wed. Weedless Wednesday; National; Canadian Council on Smoking and Health
27 Family Literacy Day; National: ABC Life Literacy Canada


Month Black History Month; National; Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Month Heart & Stroke Month; National ; Heart and Stroke Foundation
Month I Love to Read Month; Manitoba; Manitoba Reading Association
Month Junior Achievement Month; National; Junior Achievement Canada
1st Wk Eating Disorder Awareness Week; National; National Eating Disorder Information Centre
1st Wk International Development Week; National; CIDA
1st Wk National Therapeutic Recreation Week; National; Canadian Therapeutic Recreation Association
1st Wk White Cane Week; National; Canadian Council of the Blind
2nd Wk World Orphan Week; International; SOS Children's Villages Canada
10 Safer Internet Day; International; Safer Internet Day
12 Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day; National; Canadian Federation for Sexual Health
14 Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day; National; Children's Heart Society
15 International Childhood Cancer Day; Interational; Childhood Cancer Foundation
15 National Flag of Canada Day; National; Heritage Canada
16 Family Day; AB,ON,SK; Ministry of Labour
17 Heritage Day; National; Heritage Canada
3rd Wk
Scout-Guide Week; National; Scouts Canada and Girl Guides of Canada
3rd Wk Brotherhood/Sisterhood Week; National; Canadian Council of Christians & Jews
World Day of Social Justice; International; United Nations
Thinking Day; National; Scouts Canada and Girl Guides of Canada
4th Wk Freedom to Read Week; National; Book and Periodical Council


Month National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month; National; Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada
Month National Epilepsy Month; National; Epilepsy Canada
Month Easter Seals Month; Ontario; Easter Seals Society
Month Fraud Prevention Month; International; Ontario Securities Commission
Month Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month; National; The Arthritis Society
Month Kidney Month; National; Kidney Foundation of Canada
Month Help Fight Liver Disease Month; National; Canadian Liver Foundation
Month National Nutrition Month; National; Dietitians of Canada
Month Polio Awareness Month; National; Polio Canada
Month Red Cross Month; National; Canadian Red Cross
Month Youth Science Festival Month; National; Youth Science Foundation Canada
1st Wk National Pharmacy Awareness Week; National; Canadian Pharmacists Association
1 Self-Injury Awareness Day; International
6 National Lymphedema Awareness "D" Day; National; National Lymphedema Network (NLN)
2nd Wk Canadian Agricultural Safety Week ; National; Canadian Federation of Agriculture
2nd Wk National Social Work Week ; National; Canadian Association of Social Workers
8 International Women's Day and United Nations Day for Women's Rights and International Peace; International; Status of Women Canada
3rd Wk Crisis Line Awareness Week; British Columbia; BC Crisis Line Association
3rd Wk National Francophonie Week; National; Association canadienne d'éducation de la langue française (ACELF)
20 International Francophonie Day; International; Association canadienne d'éducation de la langue française (ACELF)
21 International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination; International; UN
22 World Water Day; International; UN
24 World Tuberculosis Day; International; Canadian Society for International Health
26 Purple Day (Epilepsy); International; Purple Day International
27 World Theatre Day; International; World Theatre Day
28 - April 4 Consumer Awareness Week; Ontario; Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services



Daffodil Month; National; Canadian Cancer Society
Month National Oral Health Month; National; Canadian Dental Association
Month Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Awareness Month; National; Canadian Society of Intestinal Research
Month Parkinson Awareness Month; National; Parkinson Society Canada
Month Poetry Month; National; League of Canadian Poets
Month Records Management Month; National; Association of Records Management Professionals (ARMA)
1-2 National 30-hour Famine; National; World Vision Canada
2 World Autism Day; International; UN
7 World Health Day; International; World Health Organization
2nd Wk National Wildlife Week; National; Candian Wildlife Federation
2nd Wk Ontario Coaches Week; Regional; Coaches Association of Ontario
2nd Wk World Homeopathy Awareness Week; International; World Homeopathy Awareness Week
3rd Wk National Medical Laboratory Week; National; Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS)
3rd Wk National Soil Conservation Week; National; Soil Conservation Council of Canada
3rd Wk National Volunteer Week; National; Volunteer Canada
13-19 National Dental Hygiene Week; National; Canadian Dental Hygienists Association
13-19 National Victims of Crime Awareness Week; National; Justice Canada
17 International Hemophilia Day; International; Canadian Hemophilia Society
17 National Law Day; National; Canadian Bar Association
20-22 Global Youth Service Days; International; Volunteer Canada
22 Earth Day; International; Earth Day Canada
20 -26 Arts and Culture Week; British Columnia; British Columbia Arts Council
20-27 National Organ Donor Awareness Week; National; Canadian Association of Transplantation
23 World Book and Copyright Day; International; UN
Last week National Organ Donor Week; National; Canadian Association of Transplantation
25 World Meningitis Day; International; Meningitis Research Foundation of Canada
29 International Make-A-Wish Day; International; Make-A-Wish Foundation of Canada



Month Asian Heritage Month; National; Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society
Month National Asthma Awareness Month ; National; Asthma Society of Canada
Month Speech and Hearing Awareness Month; North America; Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists
Month Blood Pressure Month; National; Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
Month Car Care Month; National; Automotive Industries Association of Canada
Month Celiac Awareness Month; National; Health Canada
Month Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month; Alberta; Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta
Month Community Living Month; Ontario; Ontario Association for Community Living
Month Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month; National; Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Month International Doula Month; International; Canadian Doula Association
Month Hemochromatosis Awareness Month; National; Canadian Hemochromatosis Society
Month Huntington Disease Awareness Month; National; Huntington Society of Canada
Month LEAVE A LEGACY™ Month; National; LEAVE A LEGACY™ Canada
Month MedicAlert Month; National; Canadian MedicAlert Foundation
Month MS Awareness Month; National; Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada
Month Museum Month; Ontario; Ontario Museum Association
Month National Physiotherapy Month (April 24-May 24); National; Canadian Physiotherapy Association
Month Red Shield Month; National; Salvation Army
Month Sexual Abuse/Assault Prevention Month; Ontario; Ontario Women's Directorate
Month Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month; National; NF Canada
Month Vision Health Month; National; CNIB
1st Wk Allergy Awareness Week; National; Allergy Foundation of Canada
1st Wk Drinking Water Week; British Columbia; BC Water & Waste Association
1st Wk Education Week (April 28 - May 2); Ontario; Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
1st Wk Emergency Preparedness Week; National; Emergency Preparedness Canada
1st Wk Hospice Palliative Care Week; National; Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association
1st Wk International Youth Week; International; International Youth Week
1st Wk National Composting Awareness Week; National; Composting Council of Canada
1st Wk Spinal Health Week; National; Ontario Chiropractic Association
1st Wk National Mental Health Week; National; Canadian Mental Health Association
1st Wk National Kids Day; National; Kids Help Phone
3 World Press Freedom Day; International; UN
5 International Day of the Midwife; International; International Confederation of Midwives
6 World Asthma Day; International; Asthma Society of Canada
2nd Wk Esophageal Cancer Awareness Week; Ontario; Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division
2nd Wk Family Caregiver Week; British Columbia; Family Caregivers' Network Society
2nd Wk Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Week; Alberta and NWT; Arthritis Society
2nd Wk National Nursing Week; National; Canadian Nurses Association
2nd Wk National Police Week; National; RCMP
2nd Wk North American Occupational Health and Safety Week; North America; Canadian Society of Safety Engineering
5-10 National Astronomy Week; National; Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
8 International Thalassemia Day; International; Thalassemia Foundation of Canada, Hemoglobal
8 World Red Cross Day; National; Canadian Red Cross Society
10 National Astronomy Day; National; Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
10 World Lupus Day; International; Lupus Canada
12 International Fibromyalgia Awareness Day; International; Ontario Fibromyalgia Association
12 Canada Health Day; National; Canadian Public Health Association
12 International Nurses Day; International; Canadian Nurses Association
15 International Day of Families; International; UN
3rd Wk Safe Boating Week; National; Canadian Safe Boating Council
3rd Wk National Road Safety Week; National; Canada Safety Council
3rd Wk National VON (Victorian Order of Nurses) Week; National; VON Canada
17 Interational Day Against Homophobia; International; Fondation Emergence
18 International Museums Day; International; Canadian Museums Association
4th Wk National Access Awareness Week; National;
4th Wk National Sun Awareness Week; National; Canadian Dermatology Association
4th Wk National Water Safety Week; National; Canadian Red Cross Society
21 World Day for Cultural Development; International; UNESCO Canada
22-25 Aboriginal Awareness Week; National; Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC)
25 National Missing Children's Day; National; Missing Children Society of Canada
28 National Multiple Births Awareness Day; National; Multiple Births Canada
29 Active Healthy Kids Day; National; Active Healthy Kids Canada
31 World No-Tobacco Day; International; WHO



Month ALS Awareness Month: National; ALS Society of Canada

Brain Injury Awareness Month: National; Brain Injury Association of Canada

Month Child Passenger Safety Month: BC; BCAA Traffic Safety Foundation
Month Deaf-Blind Awareness Month: Ontario; Canadian Helen Keller Centre
Month National Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Awareness Month; National; National Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Canada
Month Recreation and Parks Month; Provincial; Ontario
Month Seniors' Month; Ontario; Ontario Seniors' Secretariat
Month Thyroid Awareness Month; National; Thyroid Foundation Canada
1st Wk National Tourism Week; National; Tourism Industry Association of Canada
1st Wk Semaine québécoise des personnes handicapées; Quebec; Office des personnes handicapées
1st Sat. National Big Sisters Day; National; Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada
May 30 - June 5 Canadian Environment Week; National; Environment Canada
1 Hunger Awareness Day; National; Food Banks of Canada
4 Clean Air Day; National; Canadian Urban Transit Association
5 World Environment Day; International; UN
8-13 Rivers to Oceans Week; National; Canadian Wildlife Federation
8 Rick Hansen Wheels In Motion Day; BC; Rick Hansen Man in Motion Foundation
14 World Blood Donor Day; International; World Health Organization (WHO)
15 World Elder Abuse Awareness Day; International; International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse
20 World Refugee Day; International; UN
21 ALS/MND Global Awareness Day; National; ALS Society of Canada
21 National Aboriginal Day; National; Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
27 Canadian Multiculturalism Day; National; Canadian Heritage
29 World Industrial Design Day; International; International Council of Societies of Industrial Design
30 Social Media Day; BC; Mashable



1 Canada Day; National; Canadian Heritage
11 World Population Day; International; UN
3rd Sat. Parks Day; National; Canadian Parks Council
3rd Week National Drowning Prevention Week; National; Lifesaving Society


1st Wk World Breastfeeding Week; International; UN
9 International Day of the World's Indigenous People; International; UN



Month Addiction Recovery Awareness Month: Ontario; Addictions Ontario
Month Arthritis Month: National; Arthritis Society
Month Big Brothers Big Sisters Month; National; Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada
Month Breakfast for Learning Month; National; Breakfast for Learning
Month Childhood Cancer Awareness Month; International; Childhood Cancer Foundation
Month Muscular Dystrophy Month; National; Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada
Month Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month; National; National Ovarian Cancer Association
1st Wk International Suicide Prevention Awareness Week; International; ISPAW
8 International Literacy Day; International; UN
10 World Suicide Prevention Day; International; International Association for Suicide Prevention
2nd Sun. Terry Fox Run; National; Terry Fox Foundation
16 International Ozone Day; International; UN Environment Programme
3rd Wk Learn @ Work Week; National; Canadian Society for Training and Development
3rd Wk National Massage Therapy Awareness Week; National; Canadian Massage Therapist Alliance
3rd Wk National Prostate Cancer Awareness Week; National; Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada
18 Alzheimer Coffee Break Day; National; Alzheimer Society
21 World Alzheimer's Day; International; Alzheimer Society
21 International Day of Peace; International; UN
4th Sun. Police and Peace Officer's National Memorial Day; National; Canadian Police Association
4th Sun. AIDS Walk Canada; National; Canadian AIDS Society
4th Week National Forest Week; National; Canadian Wildlife Federation
4th Week Self-Help Awareness Week; Ontario; Self-Help Resource Centre



Month Autism Awareness Month: National; Autism Society Canada
Month Brain Tumour Awareness Month: National; Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada
Month Breast Cancer Awareness Month: National; Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
Month Canada Library Month: National; Canadian Library Association
Month Car Safety Month: National; Automotive Industries Association of Canada
Month Child Abuse Awareness Month: National; Canadian Red Cross
Month Community Living Awareness: National; Local Community Living organizations
Month Community Support Month: Ontario; Ontario Community Support Association
Month Eye Health Canada Month; National; Canadian Association of Optometrists
Month Foster Family Month; British Columbia; BC Federation of Foster Parent Associations
Month Fundraise for Farley Month; Ontario; Farley Foundation
Month Innovation in Eye Care Month; National; Seva Canada Society
Month Investor Education Month; International; Ontario Securities Commission
Month Islamic History Month; National; Islamic History Month Canada
Month Learning Disabilities Awareness Month; National; Learning Disabilities Association of Canada
Month Lupus Awareness Month; National; Lupus Canada
Month National Flu Prevention Awareness Month; National; Canadian Lung Association
Month National Occupational Therapy Week; National; Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists
Month Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Awareness Month; National; Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths
Month Celiac Awareness Month; National; Canadian Celiac Association
Month Women's History Month; National; Status of Women Canada
Month Healthy Workplace Month; National; Canada's Healthy Workplace Month
1st Wk Be Kind To Animals Week/Animal Health Week; National; Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
1st Wk Meals on Wheels Week; Ontario; Ontario Community Support Association
1st Wk Mental Illness Awareness Week; National; MIAW Canada
1st Wk World Breastfeeding Week; International; INFACT Canada
1 International Day for Older Persons; International; UN
1 International Music Day; International; Canadian Heritage
1st Mon World Habitat Day; International; UN
2nd Wk Citizenship Week; National; Citizenship and Immigration Canada
2nd Wk National Family Week; National; Family Service Canada
2nd Wk Fire Prevention Week; National; Fire Prevention Canada
2nd Wk World Space Week; International; UN
5 International World Teacher's Day; International; UN
10 World Hospice and Palliative Care Day; International; World Hospice and Palliative Care Day
10 World Mental Health Day; International; UN
2nd Wed International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction; International; UN
2nd Thur World Sight Day; International; VISION 2020
16 World Food Day; International; UN
17 International Day for the Eradication of Proverty; International; UN
18 Persons Day; National; Status of Women Canada
3rd Wk Amnesty International Week; National; Amnesty International

3rd Wk

Foster Family Week; National; Canadian Foster Family Association

3rd Wk

National Cooperative Week; National; Conseil canadien de la coopération
3rd Wk National School Safety Week; National; Canada Safety Council
3rd Wk Ontario Dental Hygiene Week; Regional; Ontario Dental Hygienists' Association
3rd Wk Ontario Library Week; Regional; Ontario Ministry of Culture
3rd Wk YWCA Week Without Violence; National; YWCA
3rd Sun National Psoriasis Walk; National; Psoriasis Society of Canada
18 World Menopause Day; International; Ottawa Hospital
20 National Microfinance Day; National; Canadian National Steering Committee for the UN Year of Microcredit
4th Wk National Block Parents Week; National; National Block Program of Canada
4th Wk Waste Reduction Week ; National;
24 United Nations Day and World Development Information Day; International; UN
Last Wk Disarmament Week; International; UN
Last Wk Red Ribbon Celebration for a drug-free world; International; National Family Partnership



Month Adoption Awareness Month; National; Adoption Council of Canada
Month Amaryllis Month; National; Huntington Society of Canada
Month Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Awareness Month; National; Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
Month Crohn's Disease and Colitis Awareness Month; National; Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of Canada, Canadian Society of Intestinal Research
Month Diabetes Month; National; Canadian Diabetes Association
Month Family Violence Prevention Month; Alberta; Alberta Children's Services
Month Incontinence Awareness Month; National; Canadian Continence Foundation
Month National Community Safety and Crime Prevention Campaign; National; Canada Safety Council
Month Osteoporosis Month; National; Osteoporosis Society of Canada
Month Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month; National; PHA Canada
Month Christmas Seal Campaign; National; Canadian Lung Association
Month Woman Abuse Prevention Month; Ontario; Ministry of Citizenship
1st Wk Media Literacy Week; National; Media Awareness Network
1st Wk National Down Syndrome Awareness Week; National; Canadian Down Syndrome Society
1st Wk Pan-Canadian Paralympic School Week; National; VANOC
1 International Volunteer Manager Appreciation Day; International; IVMA Day
2nd Wk Canadian Hockey Week; National; Canadian Hockey Association
2nd Wk Medical Radiation Technoligists Awareness Week; National; Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists
2nd Wk National Addiction Awareness Week; National; Nechi Institute for Alcohol and Drug Education
2nd Wk National Marfan Awareness Week; National; Canadian Marfan Association
2nd Wk National Seniors' Safety Week; National; Canada Safety Council
2nd Wk Veterans' Week; National; Veterans Affairs Canada
14 World Diabetes Day; International; Canadian Diabetes Association
15 International PEN Day of the Imprisoned Writer; International; PEN Canada
16 International Day of Tolerance; International; UN
3rd Wk Bullying Awareness Week; National;
3rd Wk Drug Awareness Week; Ontario; Ontario Drug Awareness Partnership
3rd Wk Restorative Justice Week; National; Correctional Service Canada
20 Universal Children's Day; International; UN
25 International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women; International; UN
25 International Buy Nothing Day; International; The Commons
25 - Dec 6 White Ribbon Campaign; National; The White Ribbon Campaign (men against men's violence against women)
29 International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People; International; UN



1 World AIDS Day; International; Canadian AIDS Society
2 United Nations International Day for the Abolition of Slavery; International; UN
3 United Nations International Day of Disabled Persons; International; UN
5 International Volunteer Day; International; UN
6 National Day of Rememberance and Action on Violence Against Women; National; Status of Women Canada
10 Human Rights Day; International; UN

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